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I have neglected this LJ in a big way. I must stop that, and start by making a post from a memory I chose from my other LJ. This is what I wrote that day:

Something happened to me awhile back and had been too embarrassed to remember all the sordid details. I don't understand why things such as these always happen to me. Maybe I'm jinxed! I was on my hands and knees adding paste wax to my hardwood floors. It was still a little chilly that particular very early morning so was wearing some old pants and a huge old dingy flannel shirt with the collar all worn out that I had bought at the 2nd hand store. My hair was uncombed and my hands, face, and clothes were stained from the brownish paste wax. Suddenly a friend rang the doorbell and when I opened the door, she had a lot of luggage and begged me to drive her to the airport to catch the plane to Dallas. I told her that I couldn't do that on such short notice, but she begged me to help because she was going to miss her flight to Dallas. I finally agreed and had no time to clean myself up.

When we got to the airport, I had to get down and help her carry her luggage. When we got to the place where you have to pass the metal detector, I passed through without any problem, but when my friend passed, the ringer would go off each time. They had her pass over and over and couldn't figure out what she was carrying. As this was going on, I was standing with the
little plastic bowl, in which you place your jewelry. I had already picked up my watch and ring and when this gorgeous man dressed in a very expensive suit, passed by the metal detector, he stopped right in front of me and looked at me. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter and dropped it into the little plastic bowl I was holding in my hands, and then took off. He thought I was a beggar! I can imagine all the different colors I must have had on my face from the embarrassment.

By the way, it was finally discovered what was making the ringer go off with my friend, it was her shoes, and they had small nails at the heels. I told her what had happened afterwards and she burst out in a laugh that wouldn't stop. I couldn't help laughing either.

What's so awful about this is that I kind of liked the little jingle the quarter made in the bowl. For a moment, I had an evil thought... hmmm... I wonder how many quarters and perhaps even dollar bills I could collect throughout a whole day.

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Raise your hand and say HERE I AM!

Raise your hand and say HERE I AM!

Remember, I still haven't uploaded the NEW version of my Romantic domain. The one you'll see is the OLD version. When I finally finish the site, I'll let you know when I've uploaded it, so you can see it, and give me some feedback.
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